A new and different way of listening radio! 

 You can schedule the day, time and duration you want to record in mp3 format radio programs of your choice. We have over 450 stations worldwide and increasing which can program and listen to after the recording, Copy them to your computer or save on your phone. All recordings are treated to an additional 5 minutes before finishing the recording. 

Features of Our Service 

Our service is Unique and different with which you can record radio Schedule TO, WHAT TIME record the show, and THAT MUCH time record day (s) of the week picture Recordings All radio stations can be programmed not matter what time of day or night 


Any programming that has made the possibility of being sent an email which will indicate the data from the programming done, as well as when it starts recording and when the same.

Downloadable Audios 

All of the resulting records can be downloaded accessing your account. 

Multiple Recordings at the same time 

You can set up various stations for the same time the same day if you have two favorite shows and not have to miss it anymore.